Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Like a Princess in a Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball gowns are the most traditional and popular among brides-to-be, which creates a sense of fairy-tale magic and make you like a princess on your big day. Ball gowns are flattering to all body types and make your fairy tale a reality especially for those petite bodies.


Various ball gowns show their own special look. A simple ball gown wedding dress can be make you sparkling and stunning enough on your wedding so there is no need to pick a ball gown with too complicated design. Actually simplicity expresses elegance and grace. As for the style, the strapless ball gown dresses with a fitted bodice are the most common ones. Delicate ruffles are one of the most popular elements that ball gowns are incorporated. You can mix both the fitted bodice and ruffles with your ball gown. Just be a beautiful princess in a gorgeous ball gown on your special day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mermaid Wedding Dresses-Elegant and Timeless

Every bride wants to be elegant and sophisticated on her big day. Some may think luxuriance expresses elegance, while others insist simple elegance. However, no one could deny that all of them pursue the elegant appearance on their special days. Mermaid wedding dresses are the most traditional and elegant style among all wedding dress in any silhouettes.


Mermaid wedding dresses are designed for those brides who want to flatter their curves due to its elegance and grace. The close-fitting bodice will give a sexy show of all the curves of the wearer. Lace is the most popular fabric to match with the mermaid silhouette because lace material will make your mermaid wedding dress more feminine and gorgeous. A simple lace mermaid wedding dress can be make you sparkling and stunning enough on your wedding so there is no need to pick a mermaid one with too complicated design. if you are confident about your figure, you may choose a mermaid wedding dress on your special day.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Are You Fond of Short Wedding Dresses?

A long wedding dress is usually a dream dress for most brides-to-be while some younger girls who want to have an outdoor wedding prefer to a short style. Short wedding dress can be a great option for a romantic destination wedding.


Most people think long wedding dress is more elegant and beautiful than short one. I want to say short bridal dress can also be graceful and elegant if you can choose the right one. Vintage style is the top choice if you decide to wear a short wedding dress on your big day, which can make you gorgeous and stunning. A lace short one is a perfect option as well because lace is the most charming and feminine fabric.
Short wedding dress can also create a touch of elegance and grace, are you fond of the short one?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses for an Outdoor Wedding


Nowadays more and more couples are willing to hold a romantic destination wedding like lawn wedding and beach wedding etc. Are you planning to have a dreamlike outdoor wedding? If so, you are surely looking for a beautiful wedding dress and your bridesmaid dress.


Bridesmaids are your sister and best friends. They play a very important role on the wedding. Pick out an elegant and beautiful dress for your bridesmaids is necessary. Simple style suits for bridesmaids because bride is the focus on the wedding. Too complicated design for the bridesmaid dress may easily steal bride's thunder. Bright colors can make your simple bridesmaid dress stunning. You can choose your bridesmaid dresses in the bright colors such as red, blue and green.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Simple and Elegant

Are you planning to hold a blue-themed wedding? There are many ways to create a touch of blue atmosphere on your big day. Choosing a blue dress for your dear bridesmaid is the simplest and perfect way to bring you something blue on your blue-themed wedding.


Blue is a popular color on the weddings. Different shades of blue bring you different feeling. So you can choose any blue dress for your bridesmaid. Dark blue bridesmaid dresses represents knowledge, integrity, nobleness. Navy blue and royal blue conveys importance and confidence. There are so many blue bridesmaid dresses in different design and styles. You can choose a simple and elegant one because complicated dress does not suit for any bridesmaid. Picking out a charming blue bridesmaid dress surely will be a wise choice.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WhiteAzalea Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

Simple is the trend. If you are planning to have a winter destination or formal wedding, simple wedding dress is one of your nice options. And you can also pick beautiful dresses in simple yet elegant design for your dear bridesmaids as well as your mother.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Simple Lace Wedding Dresses, Graceful and Timeless

Simple wedding dresses are always popular in wedding dress fashion because of the simple design but elegant style. Since it lacks of complex designs and luxuriant embellishments, you should resort to other ways to stand it form the ordinary. Adding lace on the simple wedding dress is the simplest way to make you graceful and timeless.


Lace will always be elegant and sophisticated, with the special designs; they are also ultra-romantic and sexy.  Lace wedding dresses were and remained extremely fashionable because they look sophisticated and fragile while bringing a loving breeze to the bride. Lace has an extraordinary touch that you want in your wedding gown, a touch that will make your special day wonderful. Now it is your time to choose.